Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Brittle Bullets

[chapter 1: the departure]

Hey love, please don't be sad
Yeah, I promise I'll be back
I love you Shona, always remember that
And for our baby's sake, now please relax.

I love you too Jim, & I don't want to be sad
Its just this time the war is pretty bad
Well never-mind, here, take your hat
Just be back before you become a dad.


Never seen nobody like you
Oh yeah its true that I love you
For you my feelings are firm
Oh yeah you are mine baby-girl.


Oh baby you are my girl
And for you, I will burn
Just tell me the direction
And blindly I will turn.

High Time

This world is such a tricky place
Emotions die, without a trace
They even say that love is waste
Yeah, its really a tricky place.

Years ago we got water for free
Now we have to pay, for such a basic need
Lumbering is rich, so we are losing our trees
Future is getting erased, because we have to fulfil our greed.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Friday, 10 June 2011


Drew this one during my school. 


[This one is about school life...Taking excerpts from my own, I started writing it after my school-farewell]

Hey homie hie, what's up? How you doing man?
Fine, you?
I am doing good too, Its hot, so let me switch on the fan.
You hound, why don't you sit down & its good you showed up
Was feeling nostalgic, missing school, without friends life's fucked up!

Thursday, 9 June 2011

The One

[ Wrote this one just for fun :) ]

My favourite rapper....EMINEM...
Girl on my b'day gift me a gem..
And i want its colour to be brick red..
After x and y comes the letter zed..
If you have more money...
Then about the gem worry not...
Plz baby plz
Gift me that yacht...!!
What??YOU Mean..
About it you'll seriously think!!
Ohh den you know what girl..
You looking beautiful in pink!!
Ya trust me baby..
You are everything i ever wanted..
Doesn't matter you are rich and by me
Money is always wanted..!!

I always knew girl
You are the one for me!!
Yeah i love you too &
Tonight's dinner is on me!!

Oh baby baby,
How much do you care..
I know
We are the world's most lovely pair
We are the romeo and juliet
Of that song by swift
I'll never let your image
From my heart ever shift!!

How wrong was dad, he said
You only wanted my money!!
But i knew he is lying
And you are the world's sweetest honey!!

Yeah about me you are right baby
How could your dad even
Think that of me!!
I always knew girl
You are the one for me!!
Yeah i love you too &
Tonight's dinner is on me!!

Now am in my yacht..
Traveling in this sea..
My (rich) wife is dead..
They found poison in her tea!!
But am still happy, as
Living for the moment is the present notion!
((well actually, I have inherited
her empire's entire portion!!)
I always knew girl
You are d one for me!!

Honey tuna is in dinner,
Accompanying me??!!  ;)