Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Brittle Bullets

[chapter 1: the departure]

Hey love, please don't be sad
Yeah, I promise I'll be back
I love you Shona, always remember that
And for our baby's sake, now please relax.

I love you too Jim, & I don't want to be sad
Its just this time the war is pretty bad
Well never-mind, here, take your hat
Just be back before you become a dad.

[chapter 2: the loot-1]
What the hell, You killed him Dan!
I told you ass, not to kill a man

I got nervous, sorry Ron
He tried to fight, so I took him on
Basic instinct, never wanted to shoot..

Forget it man, just divide the loot.

[chapter 3: the letters]
Hey baby, I am doing just fine
Got your letter, last week some time
I was so glad to hear from you
Here, its just blood and bullets, nothing new.

You were right, this time, its pretty bad
Battered and bruised men, is all am looking at
Thursday, those dogs attacked flying in their birds
The scene was chaotic & mad, disaster unheard.

Five are missing, & twenty have died
Couple of us left, with brittle bullets inside
I love you shona, & I'm going to be back
And that too, before I'll become a dad.


Oh Jim, thank god, you are still alive
Just come back honey, my love, my life
Am shattered and broken, something terrible has happened
Last week, they said, you were attacked and are probably dead
I cried and cried till I fainted in my bed.

Am sorry Jimmy, but I wanted to die
Remove you from my world, and there is nothing left in my life.
When I came to my senses, I was not in our bed
But in a hospital room, which reeked of the dead.

Thank god you are alive, but still there was a death
I am sorry Jimmy, I failed, our baby, in my womb it bled.
Now its all dark for me, I am alone, just be back
Cant write any more, feeling blue, looking black.


Oh my god, my love, just stand firm, be strong
I am coming back within a week & nothing ever will go wrong.
They are deporting me back, with the next batch
Just have faith in our love, be strong, hold the latch.

I just want you to know, that I'll never leave you again
God wants to play, but we'll win this game
You are never alone, no matter what happens
Just look in your heart, you'll find me there
Holding your hand, there is love and care.

Tomorrow, I will post this letter as soon as I reach the port
Baby hold firm, just for a few days more
I'll be there, knocking on our door.

[chapter 4: the loot-2]
Well Ronny boy, nothing much in his purse
Name's Jim, has 100 credits, a 'letter', & a card of his church.

Well what can I say, its just another poor night
Lets divide the credits, & drown him away from the lights.

Don't worry man, come on, let's head back to the port
This time you keep the gun, & let's score some more..!