Tuesday, 14 June 2011

High Time

This world is such a tricky place
Emotions die, without a trace
They even say that love is waste
Yeah, its really a tricky place.

Years ago we got water for free
Now we have to pay, for such a basic need
Lumbering is rich, so we are losing our trees
Future is getting erased, because we have to fulfil our greed.

This world is such a freaky place
Murder is common & so is rape
Officials demand money to catch up pace
Yeah, its really a freaky place.

Relations aren't beautiful in this world anymore
He fucked his daughter as if she was a whore
And there she killed her husband for someone she adored
Just hate all this fuck man, from my heart's core.

The worst thing is this, that you folks know all this from before
Me spitting this shit makes no sense you know
You think all this wont affect you, come on, how the fuck can you be so sure?
One day you'll also find, your lives turning sore.

Its a request, its an appeal
Just want you guys to understand and feel
It has to be us, it has to be we
Because its our problem, can't you see?

Come on guys, come out of your house
Its HIGH TIME, and we need to act now.

Time is less, life is precious, come on guys so now don't waste
Save our earth before its too late
Yeah you got it, we need to act in haste
Because this tricky freaky world was once
A really very beautiful place.