Friday, 10 June 2011


[This one is about school life...Taking excerpts from my own, I started writing it after my school-farewell]

Hey homie hie, what's up? How you doing man?
Fine, you?
I am doing good too, Its hot, so let me switch on the fan.
You hound, why don't you sit down & its good you showed up
Was feeling nostalgic, missing school, without friends life's fucked up!

Yep broda, you are right, now life's in black & white.
Those were the days, the ways of our life 
So crazy, amazing, just everything for which now I am craving.
You know, I remember the first day we met, the day of admission test.
And its funny, because I don't even remember my missus' b'day or the size of my waist!

Yeah, I remember it too & even that little guy, who was showing you attitude.
Wish could have fucked him in his ass, & that too without lube!
BTW in class 1, remember when you told me that new guy was bullying you?
You know, I went to him later, intending to teach him a lesson or two,
But(t fuck you!) he punched me in my stomach saying "I am the boss, not you".

[tring tring] mate, your phone rings!

Hey baby hie! Bye? BUT Why?
No baby no, I ain't doing no cheating.
I seriously am stuck, because of an important meeting!
Trust me sweetheart, I really love you,
Even now, back in "office", I am thinking only about you!
[cut] What the f...!
Why is my wife always after my life?
Hey chillax, take some soda & stop staring at that knife!
Yeah you are right, its usual, happens every other night.

Anyway know what, I still yearn for those breaks, 
Those tiring kiddo games & stealing samosas from others' plate
Eating Maggie, playing football, really miss those times, that phase!

Yep, & also playing cricket after school
And at eve watching chicks in the pool
That sissy studious fool, & bugging our teachers was so cool!

Yep broda, you are right, now life's in black & white
Those were the days, the ways of our life 
Wish time really flies back, because I want to relive that life!