Thursday, 9 June 2011


(As the name suggests...its about siblings & is written from a small brother's perspective)

I Think Di,
You Are Upset From Me,
And Felt Bad!!
But Hey...Am Your Lill Bro,
..AM Supposed To
Bug You Like That!! :)
Ohh Dear Sis Trust Me
I Never Meant To Hurt,
U Getting That?? :(
And 'i Dont Respect You',
Why The Hell Do You Always Think Like That?? :O
Yo Sis!
You Dont Know How Bad
Feels This Brat!!
Whenever You Are Upset From Me
For Things
I Have Said Just Like This And That!! :(
Just Coz I Love To Tease You
Doesn't Mean
I've Turned Bad!!
Dont Ya Know
Seeing Ya Happy Z Sumthin
Which Makes Me Glad!!
Yeah, I Know
Its Going A Bit Too Long,
But Know What,
You Should Also Realise.. :X
You Not Trusting Me Enuf
Breaks My Heart,
As If
Its Being Attacked By Missiles!! :(
I Forgot To Introduce My Trademark
Humour Into This Poem!! ;)
Anyway Leave It;
Forget It;
Coz Am Ending It
Wishing That My Sons Get Lucky
And Study In A Coed!! :D :P
[ p.s. about that coed school reference....well i had all boys schooling.. that's why :p ]